Good News? Bad News!!!

Check out this lead sentence from an Associated Press story last Thursday:

“The federal government has warned Wisconsin officials the state’s unemployment rate has improved enough to end extended jobless benefits.”

Warned?   Warned that we’ve improved???

Oddly enough, we are not prepared to label this as media bias or Liberal spin. Some will see it as another example of everything that occurs under the Walker administration being systematically reported as hardship and catastrophe.  We’ll concede the difference is subtle, but we think that bizarre sentence illustrates the mindset that makes media bias and Liberal spin possible:

All good things come from government.  Not needing the good that comes from government is bad. If extended jobless benefits end, that’s bad. That it’s happening because the employment situation has improved is irrelevant. Wisconsin’s improvement has gone too far. 

That attitude, carefully nurtured for decades by the media and the schools, impels otherwise conscious beings to perceive reduced unemployment as an alarming development, without even thinking about the fundamental absurdity.

Thus the AP reporter, with no evident awareness of self-parody, is able to write:

Wisconsin’s unemployment rate had been high enough to qualify jobless people in the state for 13 extra weeks of federal unemployment benefits. But the state’s three-month average improved to 7 percent in February, making the state ineligible for the extra money. “ [our emphasis added]

Eligibility now shrinks to 73 weeks. The horror.


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