Milwaukee Journal Conspires with DA

We’re long past the point of being surprised when some nerve center of Wisconsin “justice” turns out to be a nest of Liberal manipulators. Familiarity is no reason to put up with it.

So the latest revelation by the investigative reporters at Media Trackers is ample cause to scream bloody murder, and to place a call to Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm to ask what in Hell is going on.  (414) 278-4646.

Media Trackers has identified almost four dozen employees of the D.A.’s office as signers of the Walker recall petition. That’s the same D.A.’s office that’s been running a John Doe investigation of former Walker aides in Milwaukee County government—and others never associated with Scott Walker, though you’d be hard-pressed to learn that through mainstream media reporting.

Another thing you’d be hard-pressed to learn from the mainstream media is that Scott Walker requested the investigation in the first place.

But the D.A.’s office has been leaking confidential John Doe information like a sieve, to the benefit of Walker rivals and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter, Dan Bice (414- 223-5468).That makes them co-conspirators.

Now Bice and his newspaper are working overtime to defend Chisholm’s office with this backward headline and shall we say, incomplete interview?

DA’s office: John Doe prosecutors didn’t sign recall papers

“My understanding is that none of the attorneys in this office involved in politically related investigations has participated in the recall process,” said Chief Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern.

Notice that Lovern didn’t say that no one involved in the John Doe investigation signed a petition. Nor did he say, no one with access to information about the investigation signed the petition.  A good journalist would have asked those specific questions, unless of course he didn’t want to know the answer.

Bice completely ignores the fact that Janet Oelstrom, a secretary in the Public Integrity Unit which oversees the John Doe investigation, signed the petition. Did Oelstrom have access to information about the investigation?

And what about Mary Ann Oronato who collected signatures from several of her co-workers in the DA’s office on two consecutive work days, Friday November 18th and Monday November 21st. Unless she traveled to all of their homes at a variety of addresses in 3 different cities, Oronato had to collect them while at work. This would amount to conducting political activity on government time, which is precisely what the DA’s office claims county staffers for Walker did.  Another point Bice might have made if not for his obvious conflict of interest in writing this story.

The smell emanating from the D.A.’s office is sickeningly familiar. We’ve seen leading conservatives railroaded by kangaroo courts before, and later exonerated.

There is more than sufficient reason to ask whether crimes have been committed by District Attorney staff leaking confidential information in an effort to smear the Governor and undo the 2010 elections.  We have seen enough rot in this state’s justice system to take seriously the prospect of its active involvement in a political coup.

If the word coup is too uncomfortable, try frame-up.  Either way, it’s time to demand answers.


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  1. Jerry2014 says:

    I just tried calling dan Bice and he didn’t answer. I bet he will take calls from the DA’s office……he may even have a direct line.

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