The State of the University

We confess surprise that conservative talk radio went wall-to-wall last week with the Carroll University fracas.  The topic was worthy; the surprise was that sophisticated people seemed to regard the situation as something extraordinary.

Then again, not everyone goes through the teacher preparation program in the college of education at a public university. For those who have, the Carroll episode is old hat.

If, against all odds, you missed it, Carroll invited students to cover a “wall of hate”—openly visible from a Waukesha street—with vulgar obscenities expressing humankind’s petty hatreds, so as to knock it down last Friday and symbolically exorcise the ugliness.

This is what our kids are learning for $25,000 a year in tuition?


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One Response to The State of the University

  1. Denise Scherer says:

    As a Carroll grad, I’m so sad to hear this. Did changing the name from Carroll College to Carroll University provide an avenue for a slippery slide downhill??

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