What’s it all about?

Next week, Democrats will have their nominee. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has been favored in the primary contest to oppose Governor Walker. This must be perplexing for Democrats.

Of course that statement is a trick. Any of their four contestants would make a perplexing candidate for Democrats: Barrett, because he applied the Governor’s collective bargaining reforms which, once upon a time, were the premier motive for the recall; Kathleen Falk, because everyone knows she put the gubernatorial veto pen up for sale at the price of union endorsements; Douglas LaFollette and Kathleen Vinehout because…well, they are Douglas LaFollette and Kathleen Vinehout.

But while Barrett and Falk are the only two with a serious chance in the primary, it may not matter much who Democrats choose.

Even those who reject the idea of a recall at least used to think we knew why the thing was happening. That seems so long ago.

And polling reveals an electorate that is unethusiastic about the recall—even voters who aren’t fond of Scott Walker.

It’s not good if normal people, tired of being hounded, tune out. Those who prefer not to spend time worrying about political intrusions into their lives need to realize those intrusions will continue and proliferate unless they personally administer a blistering defeat to the Left on June 5th.  A June election decided by hand-to-hand combat between the activist base of the Democrats, the Republican/Conservative base, and few others, will be a hair-raising affair.

The ordeal has already gone on too long but the formal campaign is tightly compressed, and for the past several days its repetitive theme has been the question, why are we going though this?


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