A majority is not enough

It’s been said that conservative candidates running in any voting district with a city or a university campus, needs a majority of the votes plus a couple percent more to remain ahead in the count after absorbing the impact of fraud.

Recent days brought fresh warnings.

John Fund has made a specialty of pursuing these issues. In National Review last week, he showed why it’s such a fruitful field of study:

Just this week in Fort Worth, Texas, a Democratic precinct chairwoman was indicted on charges of arranging an illegal vote. Hazel Woodard James has been charged with conspiring with her non-registered son to have him vote in place of his father. The only reason the crime was detected was that the father showed up later in the day to vote at the same precinct.

Just as ominously, billionaire George Soros, will reportedly devote some of his idle millions to spending for “Get out the Vote” efforts on behalf of Democrats.
That translates into “Warm up the Union Buses.”  Election workers at Wisconsin polling places should be prepared to see a lot of new faces this year.

The moral of the story: Every Conservative voter who makes an excuse or somehow forgets to show up for any election in the foreseeable future is exposing all other Conservative voters to a heightened risk of having their votes nullified by fraud and the election stolen.


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