Thanks, you’re fired

As far as we can tell, that headline sums up what government employee unions and Democratic Party operatives would have Wisconsin voters say to Governor Walker a couple of weeks from now.

“Thanks,” because within just a few months of taking office in 2011, Walker put the state on course to resolve a three-billion dollar deficit without raising taxes and without laying-off government employees.

The latest proof that Walker is getting it right is the word this past week from the Department of Revenue saying the state is on track to be $154 million to the good when the two-year budget period ends in 2013. Quite a change from the Jim Doyle years of rolling one deficit into another, kicking the can down the road because it was thought that being responsible would also be politically unpleasant.

It turns out not to have been very unpleasant at all, except for the 15 months of shrieking from the people who can’t get it through their heads that their jobs have been saved.

An Associated Press story published last Thursday tells you everything worth knowing about how things would work under a Barrett administration. Barrett spokesman Phil Walzak said 1) he didn’t believe the surplus numbers could be trusted, meaning, we suppose, he doesn’t believe the money will really be there; and 2) The money should be used to increase state spending.

Maybe he’s just trying to be thorough.


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