Trying it their way, VIII

It’s been some time since we’ve looked at states that are taking a different approach than Wisconsin—let’s say a non-Walker approach—to the fiscal problems plaguing overgrown governments at all levels these days.

The Wall Street Journal calls our attention back to Maryland, one of our favorite examples because its governor is taking an approach much like what we’d expect to see here if Tom Barrett winds up in the governor’s office.

It’s not just Barrett. Call it the Democrat playbook on growing government by running an economy into the ground. Maryland’s Governor O’Malley is deep into the game of raising taxes to feed the spending machine, and naturally the taxes are never enough.

Going after “the rich” didn’t work when O’Malley tried it in 2007—Marylanders reporting million-dollar incomes simply faded away, many fleeing the state.

So now he’s going after the middle class, who, considering a proposed 8.95 percent income tax rate can also benefit by leaving. As the Journal reported:

“A family of four earning $250,000 a year will be able to save money by moving to Washington, D.C., arguably the most liberal city in America. The same family can save $6,000 a year by relocating across the Potomac River to Virginia, where the top tax rate is 5.75%, according to the Tax Foundation. State Senator James Brochin, a Democrat who opposed the tax increase, says: ‘I won’t be at all surprised if we’re not back in two years with a new plan to raise taxes.’”

We’ve seen it their way and Walker’s way. Walker’s way works.


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