Things worth fighting for

Why is it essential that Democrats be defeated?  Check this editorial from Saturday’s Beloit Daily News.

It seems Diane Hendricks has run afoul of the Institute for Wisconsin’s Future (IWF).  Sounds like a high-minded civic organization, right? Guess again.

Diane Hendricks and her late husband Ken founded a company that does business all over the U.S.  Diane Hendricks is Governor Walker’s single largest contributor in the recall. This made her and the family company a target of sleazy, deceptive attacks by the IWF, implying but carefully not charging corruption.

The Daily News sees the Hendricks’ differently:

“They have been honorable, and they have been instrumental in transforming this community’s landscape, and in improving the outlook for the future.”

In fact, they’ve been job creators in a community that has badly needed jobs. They’ve made money and they’ve helped lots of other people do the same.

Can’t have that.  Time for left-wing unions to rev up the attack machine.

See, IWF attack dog Jack Norman is an ex-reporter and newsroom union organizer. The IWF’s 16-member board is headed by Milwaukee Leftist Barbara Quindel and features six union bosses.

When somebody makes a big contribution to Scott Walker the IWF-union-Democrat playbook response is automatic: Destroy their reputation.

The Hendricks’ could have chosen to locate anywhere. They could have moved their company to Waukesha County where politics, education, and crime rates are more favorable.  But they remained committed to Beloit, improving a community that needed their help.

As the Daily News put it:

“The Hendricks family has been good for Beloit, and Beloit has been good for the Hendricks family. It has been a partnership for the ages.

“THE NATURE OF politics these days is that no one who brushes up against it comes away unsullied. Public person or private individual, doesn’t matter. Getting involved puts a bullseye on one’s back.

“The price to be paid for that is evident each day — coarse, uncivil, angry behavior. If it continues to worsen, the country’s very existence may be at risk.”

Amen.  The remedy is to defeat the Left.


About Wisconsin Club for Growth
The Club for Growth is a national network of over 40,000 men and women, from all walks of life, who believe that prosperity and opportunity come through economic freedom. Wisconsin Club for Growth, Inc. is dedicated to informing, educating and rallying citizens of Wisconsin to embrace and enact policies that lead to sustained economic growth, limited government, and minimal taxation. Wisconsin Club for Growth can and will have an enormous impact on the direction of our state. Wisconsin Club for Growth believes that effective lobbying is done at all stages of the budget cycle, including when our leaders make public promises and can be encouraged to support policies that spur economic growth. Wisconsin Club for Growth believes we must support pro-growth policies and encourage public officials with backbones to remain truly committed to making our economy and our state stronger. Wisconsin Club for Growth believes our leaders must stand up to the tax and spend mentality in Madison and work tirelessly to cut taxes and unleash the power of the free-market.

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