A media tutorial

The uneventful 21st Senate District recount remains useful in shining the light of truth on Democrat’s electoral cheating.

As a side benefit, the mainstream media clumsily shines a light on its own tactics. Consider Thursday’s Racine Journal Times story trying to debunk allegations that high school students were taken out of classes to drag Democrats to the polls. The headline: “Group, district, refute activist’s get out the vote claims.”

Note the verb “refute.” In media usage, Republicans accused of crimes “deny” a charge. Democrats “refute” it.

True, the Journal-Times had to repeat the GOP allegations in order to dismiss them, but the spin is insulting. Students weren’t sent into Democratic wards, we’re told; they were sent into wards with low turnout in past elections. We’re supposed to be too dumb to recognize two descriptions of the same thing.

Just so we’d know everything’s okay, the Journal Times talked to a member of the school board and reported the following:

“Racine Unified School Board member Sue Kutz, who’s been on the board since the get-out-the-vote events began, said students should have the right to take part in such activities.

“’I don’t care about the partisan politics. It gets them involved and helps them understand how the election process works,” Kutz said. ‘If this is something they want to do and the parents are supporting it, that’s their right and ability to do that.”

It took us two minutes to find there’s only one Susan Kutz with a Racine address and she signed both the Wanggaard and Walker recall petitions.  The Journal-Times could have discovered that as quickly as we did and arguably had a professional duty to do so, but chose not to mention it.


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