Why the unions had to lose

A hallmark of the recall campaigns was the difficulty recall backers had coming up with an acceptable explanation of why they wanted to remove elected Republicans from office.

The real reason, affirming the permanence of unchallenged union power, quickly proved politically toxic. Something else was needed and as we’ve seen, none of the reasons cooked up by the Left had much credibility.

But conservatives are still obligated to explain why the government unions need to have their wings clipped.  An analysis in U.S. News and World Report discusses why conservatives succeeded in Wisconsin:

  • Wisconsin voters understood unchecked union power has come to pose a direct threat to the ability to pay for legitimate and necessary government services.
  • They understood that the practical effect of government union power is that taxpayers work to support the unions and are expected to pony up, no matter what.
  • Taxpayers recognized that they were being shamelessly exploited to ensure a comfortable lifestyle with virtually no risk of unemployment, for people who, even when they work hard and do their jobs well, are net consumers, not producers, of tax revenue.

Importantly, the article notes that voters are way ahead of the political leadership and have told them it’s safe to take necessary steps toward fiscal sanity. We’d go a step farther and say it’s politically dangerous to avoid taking those steps.

Meanwhile, the unions and their Democrat allies are having just as much trouble explaining their defeat as they had explaining why they demanded a recall in the first place.


About Wisconsin Club for Growth
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