Buon appetito, unionistas

Among those who count themselves eager for “the healing process” to begin, this can’t be good news.

Fifteen attempted recalls of state elected officials and $18 million in special election expenses over the past two years are not enough for Madison leftists who insist that chaos must reign until they have their way.

Last week, State Representative Terese Berceau (D-Madison) made clear that the appetite for chaos remains unsatisfied when she turned up with a proposal to conduct recall elections not just against living individuals like legislators and executive branch officials, but against legislative enactments.

Berceau is clearly hoping for something like the Ohio system of referenda on newly-enacted laws that generate controversy—which famously allowed unions to thwart Walker-style reforms last year and led this year to public employee layoffs.

To Berceau’s credit, she would set a higher bar than exists under the Ohio law, but that’s all the credit she’s going to get from us. Her proposal is just another iteration of the Left’s incessant theme since the day Scott Walker was elected Governor: Elections don’t count and nothing is ever over with, until the Left regains power by any available means.

This defies the logic of fixed terms for elected officials, which exist to allow legislative programs to be judged on performance.  A quick repeal before performance could be measured is what allowed the Ohio unions their victory last November.

Knowing the fondness of Liberals for European social democracy, perhaps they are hoping to replicate the stretch between the end of World War II and 2000, when Italy formed 57 new governments in 55 years.

No, grazie.


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