An Eye For Quality

So much for the idea of a too-cautious Mitt Romney waiting for the other guy to lose.  The choice of Paul Ryan for Vice-President says Romney’s search wasn’t for a bland running mate, but for one who believes in America and has the intellectual firepower to defend.

A defiantly lawless administration with overt hostility to the civil institutions of a free society—has met its match.

More than two years ago, Paul Ryan eviscerated the lies of Obama Care—directly to Obama’s face.

The video demonstrates Ryan calmly, coolly dismantling left-wing falsehoods with easy confidence and a cheerful manner that emphasizes the President’s frantic struggle to conceal the truth.

The Ryan choice says a lot about Romney’s character.  A lesser leader might reject a running mate of Ryan’s quality for fear of being outshone.  In Congress, Ryan is undoubtedly the premier intellectual defender of Conservative ideas and the American values Obama and the Left work furiously to extinguish.  Romney’s decision shows he is interested solely in recruiting the very best talent to repel the attack. His stature is not diminished but elevated by this unselfish decision.

Wisconsin’s extraordinary and potentially historic role is something to ponder: From homes within a few dozen miles of each other come Ryan, Scott Walker, and national GOP chair Reince Priebus, the poised and articulate leaders of a movement that may yet succeed in rescuing the American republic from great peril.


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