The Party of Hate

Democrats long ago appropriated the virtue of “tolerance” as their exclusive possession.  Like a lot of mistakes, it seemed to work for quite a while. Trouble is, the rancid hypocrisy of Democratic self-congratulation grows more painfully obvious with every breach of tolerance they commit.  And there are plenty.

As evidenced by last week’s primary, Democrats are increasingly unlikely to be found practicing tolerance even among themselves. So it’s intolerable but in no way surprising when the Left’s hatred for any person or idea boils over into physical assault.

Last week, it took the form of Left-wing protesters throwing punches and evidently shoving octogenarian military veterans, all for their unspeakable offense of wanting to listen to a speech by Paul Ryan.

Two days later near Appleton, another leftist protester, this one an octogenarian herself, spat in the face of a woman who admonished her against interrupting the speakers at a private rally of Romney supporters.

There is something deeper, uglier, and far more frightful than mere ideology at work when the supporters of any political party are so enraged by competing ideas that they turn to violence against others, especially against elderly people.

At best, it reveals a monumental self-centeredness. At worst, it betrays a readiness to descend into barbarism for the imaginary reward of suppressing other people’s beliefs.

We have seen enough to have low expectations that a party so driven by hate will clean up its act during or after the November elections, in which there is more at stake than even the entire U.S. economy: Add simple human decency to the list.


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