Who doesn’t want Voter ID?

We wish Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen well in his Tuesday petition of the state Supreme Court to take up Wisconsin’s stalled Voter ID law.  The Justices have been reluctant to pronounce on the law’s validity, but the people have no such hesitation.

This month a Washington Post poll found overwhelming support for strong voter ID laws. Of all adults responding to the Post survey, 74 percent said voters should be required to present a government-issued photo ID.  Just 23 percent said they should not.

In other words, never mind the phony assertions of Dane County judges or the Government Accountability Board or the Orwellian U.S. Department of Justice. Voter ID is not just a Republican obsession.

True, the Post found 80 percent support among Republican respondents, and the number drops among Independents: all the way to 76 percent. Democrats? Sixty percent.

Byron York of the Washington Examiner went inside the Post’s numbers. He reported that they show massive support for photo ID across all races, ethnicities, ages, and income groups.

Only one identified group expressed majority opposition, and that was by a small margin. Forty-eight percent of self-identified Liberal Democrats want photo ID.

Some time ago, we wrote about Liberal politics having so corrupted the institutions of civil society that they could no longer be trusted as custodians of citizens’ rights. Prominent among those rights is the right to have one’s vote in a lawful election secured against cancellation by fraud. Liberal judges and the worse-than-worthless Government Accountability Board (GAB) invite contempt by their careless indifference to that right.

Now the state Supreme Court has one more chance to shut down the brazen political manipulation by two Dane County judges who have blocked photo ID.

Let’s hope Van Hollen wins this time.


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