Green but not clean

Did we just say something about government assuming everything it does must go on forever? Last week Fox News served up an example of how that works in the critically important field of energy development.

Specifically, Fox highlighted the experiences of a highly-trained engineer who landed one of the legendary “green jobs” that are supposed to remake the entire U.S. economy and give us the best quality of life and most worry-free existence ever experienced on this Earth.

We’re accustomed to government-funded professionals who go to any length to defend their industry and justify their existence, so it’s surprising to hear such honesty from someone who lived the green dream:

Mitt Romney has recently taken fire not only from the Obama campaign but even from some left-leaning Republicans, for his rightful criticism of Obama’s destructive “green jobs” programs. Not only is Mr. Romney right to criticize these programs — and his position supported by many economic studies — but in fact the situation is even worse than anything suggested by these criticisms. Green jobs are destroying the abilities and spirits of a whole generation of engineers. I should know. I was one of those engineers.

We tend to harp on this subject because—at least until very recently—Americans have pretty much taken readily available, affordable energy for granted.

Until the past couple of years, it didn’t occur to most Americans that they might be governed by people who would actively seek to force us to use the least dependable, most expensive sources of energy and rule out the ones that actually work. But that’s precisely what’s happening now nationwide, just as it happened in Wisconsin under the Doyle administration.

It starts to make sense when you realize that in 21st century America, controlling peoples’ energy use is about the same thing as controlling everything they do. Throw in control of health care and you’ve pretty much got it all locked up. The Doyle administration was enthusiastic about that, too.

So-called green energy is environmentally destructive because of its obscene land-use requirements and economically destructive because it forces energy providers and consumers to spend more while obtaining less.

It can make you rich if you’re politically connected. It will make you poorer if you’re connected to the grid.


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