Aiding and abetting

Last week, Wisconsin’s new Capitol Police Chief decided it was time to take action when ever-present Capitol protesters interfere with people going about their lawful business.

The mainstream media’s reaction to Chief Erwin helps illustrate their willful dishonesty in failing to report news stories they have personally witnessed.

There were several news stories about Capitol arrests and citations, evidently calculated to suggest an attack on democracy rather than explain why order is being belatedly restored.

A key—and unreported—reason for the new Chief’s tougher attitude is the plain barbarism of the protesters. One example involves the persistent harassment of Gwen Guenther, Editor of the Wheeler Report and a member of the Capitol Press Corps.

Gwen is the daughter of the late Dick Wheeler, dean of the Capitol press corps and an honest reporter with a civics-book respect for the institutions of government. One of the few things Democrats and Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature agreed on last year was Dick Wheeler’s decency, naming the Capitol Press Room in his honor after he died in November.

Gwen recently told Capitol Police she could no longer work in the Dick Wheeler Press Room. Harassment by protesters drove her out.

Part of the harassment involved a full-time protester standing outside the Press Room singing a song he’d made up, mocking Dick Wheeler and reveling in his death.

When asked by Capitol Police, other reporters confirmed they had been disrupted by protesters and knew of the abuse directed at Wheeler’s daughter. One reporter told police if nothing is done about the protesters, “someone is going to get hurt.” They said their editors directed them not to file complaints against those who were interfering with their work.

Most tellingly, they’ve reported none of this. If they’ve tried, their employers haven’t published it. Wouldn’t a newspaper strive to have its people reporting firsthand from the center of action? Not if honest reporting would reveal the barbarity of the Left. Instead, the media have served up propaganda about the polite civility of the screaming mobs that occupied the Capitol during the winter of 2011.

If some member of the Capitol Press Corps thinks it unfair to be accused of deliberately hiding news that would reflect unfavorably on Capitol protesters and Democrats as the November elections draw near, now would be a fine time to explain why.

While we’re waiting, this episode provides perspective on the campaign-season stories seeking to discredit anyone who questions Liberal orthodoxy.

Forget media bias; they’ve moved on to active deception.


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