The assault on ballot integrity

Recent weeks have seen continued efforts by the Obama administration to overturn requirements lawfully enacted by several states to prevent election fraud. The U.S. “Justice” Department is obsessed with preventing enforcement of voter identification laws in Pennsylvania, Texas, and elsewhere.

They haven’t come after Wisconsin—yet—because they haven’t needed to: Officials based in the banana republic of Dane County, both elected and appointed, are pursuing a shameless strategy of running out the clock, to preserve vote-stealing opportunities for November.

The latest iteration of this strategy came last Thursday as the head of the laughably-named Government Accountability Board (GAB) urged the state Supreme Court NOT to resolve the constitutionality of Voter ID until after the November elections.

There’s some unintentional humor in the Journal Sentinel story linked above. One example is the statement that Voter ID advocates are Republicans [read: mean, bigoted], while the GAB [made up of Democrats retired from the judiciary] is “nonpartisan.” Another is GAB head Kevin Kennedy’s ludicrous statement that there won’t be time to train election workers in the acceptable forms of ID.

The law hasn’t changed, so is Kennedy admitting election workers weren’t properly trained for the February primary?  Maybe he’s just hoping we’ve forgotten Voter ID was enforced for that election without infringing voter rights.

Liberals insist fraudulent voting by people falsely identifying themselves simply doesn’t happen. Among the reasons we don’t buy that are the people who have served jail time in Wisconsin for systematic efforts to register voters who didn’t even exist. Think ACORN, 2008.

But suppose Liberals were right, and nobody ever tried to impersonate another voter or use a bogus identity. Would that make it a bad idea to require that voters credibly identify themselves?


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