Whose side are they on?

Last week we discussed another Dane County judge sabotaging the reforms that gave Wisconsin its first honestly balanced state budget in about a decade. And before we knew it, the judge’s partisan allies were already piling up fresh examples of how “it’s never over.”

Unquestionably, the most destructive aspect of Judge Juan Colas’ decision is the rush it triggered by local government unions demanding to get new contract negotiations and binding agreements to stall Act 10 reforms, potentially for years after their constitutional validity has been affirmed by an appellate court.

It’s hard to imagine Colas didn’t realize this is exactly what Madison Teachers Incorporated and other public unions were banking on when they petitioned his court in the first place: “It’s never over,” as in, they’ll keep their tantrum going for as many years as they can fabricate reasons to sue.

People who live in Dane County probably deserve whatever comes their way in terms of leftist mind-rot. After all, they keep voting for it. Elsewhere, calls for new contracts mean a chance to see which local officials stand up for taxpayers and which ones have sold themselves to the unions.

There are plenty of the latter in places like Madison, Racine and Green Bay, where school boards did hurry-up contract extensions last year to evade the Walker reforms.  By contrast, districts that rejected those tactics saved money, preserved popular programs, expanded instructional opportunities, and even hired more teachers.

If local officials say yes to reopening contract negotiations they’re declaring their allegiance. It’s not to taxpayers, or the kids, or the teachers. It’s to the unions, against everyone else.


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