The Outlaw Obama

Recent events in the Middle East have encouraged comparisons between President Obama and former President Jimmy Carter on matters of foreign policy and national security.

The Obama Administration’s effort to deceive the world about the facts surrounding these events harkens memories of another former President.  But the similarities don’t stop there.

According to Wikipedia, the term Nixonian refers to a regime that uses dirty election tricks or abuses of power for political gain. How else would you describe the Obama administration directing defense contractors to break federal law, and then offering to pay any fines and legal fees they incur in the process?

Gary Schmitt of Fox News accurately describes the administration’s latest abuse of power:

Liberals like to complain about the “imperial presidency” when individuals of a different political stripe occupy the Oval Office. However, they have little to say when one of their own becomes president and ignores a law. The most recent case of this phenomenon occurred this past Friday when the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) told defense contractors that they could disregard a statute requiring them to notify employees that might lose their jobs.

The law OMB wants companies to ignore is the WARN (“Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification”) Act. Central among its provisions is the requirement that employers provide written notice to their employees of “plant closings” and “mass layoffs” affecting them at least 60 days in advance. With the prospect of a $500 billion dollar cut in defense spending automatically going into effect on January 2 if sequestration is not avoided, the administration is desperate to stop defense companies from sending out WARN notices on what would be the eve of the presidential election.

The mainstream media has not only refused to call the President out for his abuse of power, they won’t even acknowledge that it was his own failure to lead that put the Administration in this position in the first place.

The soft bigotry of low expectations.


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