Voter Fraud Fraud

We’re starting to wonder if the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel behaves as it does because top management thinks nobody reads the paper except Liberals, trained to adopt or discard beliefs, as the agenda of the moment requires.   Got a better explanation for this editorial stating that “convictions of voter fraud in Wisconsin in recent years have not kept pace with Republican claims of its prevalence in the state.”

If it weren’t so easy, we’d congratulate ourselves for digging out facts that contradict the Journal Sentinel. We could dig them out with a teaspoon. This time we dug them out of…the Journal Sentinel.

After reading last Tuesday’s insistent and—dare we say fraudulent?—claims that “Republican” concerns about voter fraud in Wisconsin lack factual support, It took less than five minutes to catch the Journal Sentinel previously reporting:

  • A Milwaukee woman’s conviction for multiple, fraudulent voter registrations.
  • A Milwaukee state Senator denying there was anything fishy about 36 people registered as voters from one address owned by the Senator and zoned for occupancy by a maximum of eight
  • Two people sentenced the same day by Milwaukee County judges to jail time for creating multiple, voter registrations.
  • Seven people charged with voter fraud offenses
  • A Milwaukee man sentenced to 10 months in jail for multiple, organized, fraudulent voter registrations.
  • And finally a story in which a Milwaukee County prosecutor accuses Milwaukee police of failing to investigate these cases for the first half of last year.

All these crimes sought to influence the 2008 elections and four years later we’re no better protected against systematic fraud reported—and now denied—by Liberal media like the Journal Sentinel.

Let’s wish ourselves luck.


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