Four more?

Speaking of Charlie Sykes, lately he’s asking listeners what they’d expect the United States to look like four years from now if Barack Obama is reelected.

We suspect many people resist even considering the possibilities.

From day one, the Obama administration has operated as a gangster government, openly contemptuous of the rule of law and the constitution, exhibiting an attitude of “stop me if you can.”  Anyone who thinks that’s going too far needs to explain:

  • An Attorney General who keeps his job after his department smuggles weapons to Mexican drug lords, leading to the murders of a U.S. federal agent and countless Mexican civilians;
  • Systematic federal obstruction of state laws enacted to defend against voter fraud;
  • Administration demands that defense contractors ignore federal law requiring layoff notices to thousands of workers, and bad-faith assurances that taxpayers will be on the hook for legal expenses resulting from the unlawful conduct;
  • Trashing established bankruptcy law to stiff General Motors bondholders, plunder the company’s assets and award them to the United Auto Workers Union.

We could go on and on but you get the idea. Conservative critics often use the word “socialism.” To us, this list looks more descriptive of fascism. We therefore conclude that a second Obama administration would consider absolutely nothing out of bounds.


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