Theft in progress

A recurring theme in these columns is that Liberalism so deeply corrupts the institutions of civil society—the media, the courts, government bureaucracies—that they can no longer be trusted to render judgments or deliver services impartially.

In Dane County, you can add the Sherriff’s department to the list.

In the matter of absentee voting by jail inmates, a Dane County sheriff’s deputy complained that deputies have been ordered to obtain absentee ballots for any prisoners requesting them and see that they’re processed and delivered for counting, without checking an inmate’s potential felony status, even though it’s illegal for felons to vote. Superior officers in the Sheriff’s Department say weeding out felons who vote illegally is the election clerks’ job. In Dane County, they call this law enforcement.

In other words: “It’s not our job to prevent convicted felons from committing another crime.”

And while Dane County cops—willingly or just following orders—facilitate illegal voting by criminals, actions by other institutions thwart voting by the very people who put their lives on the line to defend, among other things, our right to free and honest elections.

First, the Federal Voter Assistance Program posted incorrect information that would have caused Wisconsin military voters to blow the deadline for returning absentee ballots by a full week.

Then we learn that dozens of Wisconsin municipal election officials missed the federal deadline to send out absentee ballots to military voters.

And then we find there’s been an astonishing loss of interest in voting by members of the military whose absentee ballots would count toward the totals in several battleground states.

It’s been said that once is an accident and twice may be a coincidence, but three times is a trend. We’re at four, and counting.


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