Betting on the future

Once in a while, something really is a coincidence, but probably not this time.

Take recent reports in the Milwaukee Business Journal that note new developments at Journal Communications, the parent company of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The short version is that news consumers, advertisers and investors are increasingly turning their attention toward the broadcast side, while over on the newspaper side, they’ve been heading for the exits: The broadcasting and mobile media side is the future; the newspaper is the past.

Some of what’s happening is brutally obvious. Technology making media more portable every day is guaranteed an advantage over anything that has to be printed on a piece of paper at a fixed facility and distributed by truck. But content counts, and there’s a big difference between old media content and new media content.

Old media is dictated by conventional wisdom, almost totally predictable, and organized around fending off challenges to an entrenched point of view. It’s almost a metaphor for the fixed facility it depends upon.  New media is the opposite, inviting challenges and taking them on rather than trying to wave them off as if they’re beyond the pale.

The developments reported in the Business Journal turn up at just about the same time Journal Communications is preparing to launch The new multimedia, multi-platform website, with News Radio 620 WTMJ’s Charlie Sykes as editor, will launch in the next several weeks. Free registration is available at for those interested in joining a new community of conservative thought.

It’s no coincidence: People making long-term decisions at Journal Communications understand where their future is headed.


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