After a few days enjoying a pointed defense of playing by the rules, it’s hard to describe our disappointment in Clear Channel outdoor advertising folding under pressure and taking down anti-voter fraud billboards that had the Left throwing fits.

It’s also unfortunate the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel didn’t bother to find out these signs were all over the state, and chose to regurgitate the slander that they were strategically placed in low-income and minority neighborhoods to intimidate local residents who probably weren’t planning to break any laws.

We’d need a whole book to properly explore whether those objecting to the billboards are in fact slandering the people they purport to defend, by backhandedly suggesting they’re likely to commit voter fraud. Better to concentrate on who’s behind the charge and its implications.

Last week in Milwaukee, voter fraud was explicitly labeled “a myth” by a billboard critic and spokesman for the Advancement Project. What’s that?

It’s another left-wing organization bankrolled by multi-billionaire George Soros, who’s demonstrated his disdain for elections by spending lots of money trying to end them for judgeships.

The Advancement Project is rather clumsy, last seen using its web site to celebrate a voter displaying the very photo ID they said she couldn’t obtain, thus being denied her right to vote. Umm…never mind.

The Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights, another Soros-funded outfit, incited racial animosity over identical billboards in Ohio. They’re coming down too.

What’s frightening is that the unscrupulous Left is proving it can bluff and bully people into apologizing for the standards that make civil society possible. By choosing not to risk fighting back, Clear Channel, formerly in the free speech business, moves closer to having nothing worth taking a risk for.


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