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Con games come along every day. If you’re reasonably alert, you decline to be conned, but what if you had no choice?

This month, Arizona State University (ASU) announced creation of a system it claims can map sources of carbon dioxide emissions right down to individual buildings. ASU president Michael Crow called it “the next tool we need to help policymakers create effective greenhouse gas legislation.”

In other words, they’re devising mechanisms to make your fleecing by global warming con artists legally enforceable.

“For buildings,” ASU’s lead researcher told alarmist web site Climate Central, “we mine tax records, which gives us a surprising amount of information, including the square footage, the height, how old the building is, what fuel it uses for heating, and more. We don’t know how much glass is in each building…but we can use Department of Energy regional survey data on average pane thickness on retail buildings, say, of a certain size.”

Notice how there’s nothing about actually measuring anyone’s CO2 emissions?

That’s because they’re guessing. The information cited above, combined with vehicle traffic volumes, power generation, local air pollution reporting and satellite measurements of atmospheric CO2, gets mashed into a computer simulation that assigns emission levels to individual sources.

ASU says the simulation has already been performed on the city of Indianapolis and is underway for Los Angeles and Phoenix.

The real shock is realizing if people are held legally responsible for emissions on the basis of this video game—emissions which conspicuously aren’t causing the calamities other computer simulations predict—government inevitably will reveal itself to have no more interest in reducing emissions than in getting people to quit smoking:  There’s too much tax money at stake.

At least ASU has helped clarify what the global warming fracas is about


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