The essential Senate seat

Even among those who have volunteered in political campaigns, presidential elections tend to distract people from everything else on the ballot. That can be costly.

If you doubt it, try imagining Tammy Baldwin in the United States Senate for six years, until halfway through what would be a second Romney term in the White House. A Baldwin victory over Tommy Thompson might make the difference between a Republican Senate and continuing sabotage by Harry Reid. The most radically-obsessed Leftist ever to hold office in Wisconsin would be able to do incalculable damage by blocking the reforms needed to pull the country back from the brink of economic disaster. It could also seal our fate by making confirmation of Supreme Court nominees unavailable to all but the looniest left-wing activist judges.

Tammy Baldwin’s presence in the Senate could guarantee that the whole country operates by the standards of the Dane County judiciary.

We simply can’t imagine that the tough Republican primary campaign has blinded anyone on the Right to what’s at stake in November; but then most people in Wisconsin probably can’t imagine Tammy Baldwin is as wildly radical as she is. Just last week it came to light that four sessions in a row, she cosponsored legislation allowing activists to decline to pay their federal income tax for the support of the U.S. military.

The legislation went nowhere, but she was happy to put her name on it until the current Congress. That doesn’t mean she saw the light. It means she was contemplating a statewide candidacy that depends on more than Dane County.

Nobody’s going to have a wide majority in the U.S. Senate. Tammy Baldwin could hold the single seat that literally disables a Romney presidency.

Tommy’s victory is essential.


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