Forward this. Make them pay.

Democrats have been revealingly silent about President Obama’s abandonment of duty in the Libya murders. That silence, all the way down the ballot, is reason enough to make them pay a fearsome price on Tuesday in the voting booth.

They will pay if people know. But people might not know.

It’s now apparent that the Al Qaeda assault in Benghazi lasted seven hours. Last week, a Denver TV reporter with a backbone probed the president on the festering question of who ordered U.S. military assets in the Mediterranean to stand down, when they might have saved the lives of our ambassador and three other Americans.

In the presidential debates and since then, Obama has stressed that he was informed and issuing commands while the murderous attack was in progress. And only he can order U.S. forces into action in a foreign country. But now the evader-in-chief says he needs to await the outcome of an investigation, evidently so he can find out what he knew and what he did about it.

But the east-coast based national media are fixated on the east-coast hurricane—and conveniently ignoring Obama’s contemptible dereliction. Thus there’s real danger countless voters may go to the polls Tuesday unaware that the Americans in Benghazi called for help and were turned down three times before they were left to be slaughtered by jihadist barbarians.

Help spread the story most of the media won’t tell. Forward this to everyone you know.


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