Full Court press

The Left’s never-ending battle to circumvent elected legislatures and rule from the bench enters a new round this coming spring, with another state Supreme Court seat on the ballot. Justice Patience Roggensack is up for re-election to a ten-year term. And because she’s been solid and rational, committed to applying the law rather than making it up, she has a bulls-eye on her back.

This past week brought trial balloons from more than one potential opponent. The one who’s of greatest immediate interest is a judge named Maryann Sumi. You may have heard of her. She holds the distinction of being the first Dane County judge to strike down the Act 10 collective bargaining reforms—the ones that prevented massive teacher layoffs and actually helped allow more teachers to be hired in some districts and are therefore hated by the teacher unions, and no, we don’t get it either.

Within two weeks the state Supreme Court overruled Sumi, finding that she had usurped the authority of the legislature. Roggensack was part of the majority that voted to overturn Sumi’s decision. Hmmmm…

So once again, the slender, 4-3 conservative majority on Wisconsin’s highest court is going to be at risk. And every significant reform adopted in the past two years will be threatened.

Spring elections are normally low-turnout affairs. Last year’s Prosser-Kloppenburg contest was a huge exception, staged against the backdrop of mass demonstrations and the occupation of the Capitol building. The very same people who were behind all that may expect to pull off an ambush in the spring of 2013.

Don’t be surprised if the government unions try to make this look like a low-profile, low-interest election, and don’t be fooled. They’ll be lurking in the weeds.


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