Things accumulate…

Material suitable for these columns tends to pile up, but it’s not always bad when things don’t get our immediate attention. For instance, a couple of weeks ago we noted a Wall Street Journal headline saying, “U.S. Redraws World Oil Map.” A few things have happened since then.

Actually, the International Energy Agency (IEA), a policy-shop of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, did the redrawing. It predicted a shale-oil boom would help the U.S. surpass Saudi Arabia within eight years as the biggest oil producer.

The Journal reporters, who really should have asked someone else, concluded that the IEA reassessment “shows how different President Barack Obama’s second term will be from his first on energy policy.”

We’re not so sure, unless by “different” they mean “worse.” Even before the Journal story saw print, the administration announced a plan to close off 1.6 million acres of land previously authorized for shale oil drilling.

Soon after the Journal story appeared, others reported potential bipartisan interest in a carbon tax to address climate change.

Simultaneously, the Environmental Protection Agency is cooking up rules to sabotage hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, the one thing that’s kept energy prices in check.

If we obsess about energy and climate issues, it’s because they involve Liberals using one hoax to sell another, to assert ideological control over every corner of the economy. If you think its sluggish now, try subjecting it to the whim of windmills. Drilling restrictions and carbon taxes and malicious fracking rules are intended solely to make worthwhile energy sources so expensive the worthless ones seem price-competitive.

There is no energy problem in America today that is not a creation of government, and there is no economic activity that doesn’t involve energy.


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