Keep pushing. Please.

It’s time to face the reality that Republicans couldn’t and won’t persuade people that government is not on their side by flailing at the concept of a sixteen trillion dollar debt. Luckily, there is an abundance of more modest but equally telling examples of what an arrogant, self-centered and belligerent bunch we are permitting to run our lives. One of these caught our eye when the Environmental Protection Agency, right after the election, finally acted on a request made back in August by eight governors and some 200 Members of Congress, many of them Democrats. They’d asked for a waiver of ethanol mandates, citing the impact on food prices with 40 percent of the nation’s corn going into our gas tanks—before the summer drought ruined the crop.

With its usual contempt for honest numbers, the EPA said the mandate would only add about one per cent to food costs and dismissed the request.

This week ethanol turned up again, when the American Automobile Association (AAA), about as apolitical an organization as you’ll find, called on the EPA to halt sales of E-15, a gasoline blend containing 15 percent ethanol.

AAA simply pointed out what everybody already knew when the EPA green-lighted the stuff: It’s a corrosive fuel for 90 percent of the cars on the road today, will void warranties, and will wreck small engines like boat motors.

An abusive government can push people around for a long time, but eventually they notice. There’s no evidence that the EPA or other agencies intend to stop pushing any time soon. That may accomplish what the Republicans couldn’t.


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