Stalin was (half) wrong

The Soviet dictator Josef Stalin is credited with the remark that “It doesn’t matter who votes; what matters is who counts the votes.” Like much else, that reasoning was beyond challenge under the Soviet system. Around here though, both things matter.

They matter so much that we won’t hesitate to say there should be one of the highest priorities for Governor Walker and the 2013 Legislature than to ensure the integrity of Wisconsin elections. The importance of addressing this issue will be measurable by the ferocity of the Left’s response.

The Legislature has spoken on voter Identification; now it’s up to the courts. The liberal appellate courts will try to stall a state Supreme Court decision until after the April elections, hoping a left-winger will oust Justice Pat Roggensack and provide a 4-3 majority to rule Voter ID unconstitutional.  By declining to exercise their authority to take jurisdiction, the four nominally conservative Justices risk a bitter lesson in what happens when you bring procedural good manners to a knife fight.

But there’s another job for the Legislature.  Same-day voter registration invites industrial-scale fraud and there’s no good excuse for its existence. New arrivals can properly register in advance of Election Day or vote absentee from their prior residence. No one need be denied the exercise of their franchise.

Liberals and the deceitful media argue that ending same-day registration wouldn’t prevent known cases of voter fraud—knowing full well that photo ID, which they also oppose, would—but they further hope no one remembers the chaos at southeastern Wisconsin polling places in June and November, or that at least one Wisconsin man was convicted of falsely registering several dozen nonexistent voters in 2008.

The Left correctly calls voting a sacred right. As such, it deserves protection against thieves.


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