Blue states going bust

Last year we looked at places where even punitive levels of taxation were not enough to satisfy the demands of bloated government. Progressive leaders have responded by raising taxes higher and growing government bigger.

This Forbes Magazine article spells out the difficulties, and it reads like a dishonor roll of states we’ve held up repeatedly as lessons in what not to do.

What most of these troubled states have in common is political control by Democrats. Nowadays, that’s a quick way of saying they’re governed by people incapable of rejecting policies proven repeatedly to fail.

We don’t need to lecture about the virtues of honest public budgets and restraint in governing. Presumably, blue-staters have heard all that before and their voting patterns indicate a continued preference for sanctimonious rhetoric over proven reality.  What’s useful here is an objective prognosis.

Yes, we said objective. Our biases are evident in just about every sentence we write, but they have no more potential to alter certain realities than a Liberal has of balancing a budget with higher taxes in pursuit of even higher spending. The objective reality is that by any honest measure, the bluest states are already bankrupt.

The galling part is that having ignored a thousand warnings, they’ll expect the rest of us to pay their bills.


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