No conspirators here…

Last October, Milwaukee talk radio host Charlie Sykes asked his listeners what they thought America would be like by 2016 if Barack Obama got another four years in office.

Our response at the time: Why assume it would be only four years?

If it seemed we were edging toward black helicopter territory, we’re less prepared to make that concession now, considering a New Year’s Eve op-ed in the New York Times.

It’s by a Georgetown University professor of constitutional law, suggesting we discard whatever provisions of the constitution stand in the way of…what? Well, apparently in the way of anything desired by Georgetown professors.

One campus airhead doth not a revolution make. But search “U.S. Constitution” on the Times’ web site and you’ll be deluged with articles by academics calling the constitution “idiotic” and “dysfunctional,” usually because it precludes government from harassing people they don’t like.

So if you think no one would dare suggest a few years from now that we ought to change the rules so as to retain the most gifted orator and transformative president ever elected, think again.

We always have and will continue to dismiss conspiracy theorists, not because we doubt some people desire the evil outcomes those theorists fear, but because conspiracies are so laughably unnecessary.

The jarring reality is that lots of people actively dislike government based on individual freedom and personal responsibility and have worked for more than a century toward its undoing. There is no need for plotting in dark alleys. The pursuit of totalitarian socialism or the cult of a supreme leader unconstrained by law or the thuggish, Chicago machine politics of crony capitalism is conducted openly every day under labels like “social justice.”

Don’t take our word for it.  Check the Times.


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