The Mickelson Effect

We regret Pro-golfer Phil Mickelson’s apology for hinting that he isn’t altogether comfortable with government taking upwards of 60 cents from every dollar he earns, but we understand.

It’s not Mickelson’s job to go around the country advocating for competitive tax rates. It’s Mickelson’s job to go around the country holing 12-foot putts with tens of thousands of dollars on the line, a complicated task made considerably more so if he’s thinking about some jackass from the Associated Press—advocating higher taxes is evidently understood to be part of the assignment even for sportswriters here in Obamaland—hectoring him to mind his manners and line up for the fleecing.    

On the other hand, some of the most Liberal people we know are experts at sheltering, deferring, and otherwise manipulating income so as to minimize its exposure to taxation, hence preventing its expenditure in service of priorities they and their fellow Liberals hold dear.

On that basis we conclude that Liberals don’t believe most people are so abjectly stupid as to sit still while the bulk of their income is confiscated for other people’s purposes. So why do they get in such a snit whenever someone else shows he’s not that stupid?


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