Things are tough (almost) all over

Are government employees the only ones who didn’t get invited to the party where the rest of us have been reveling in eight percent unemployment and declining GDP?  The Fond du Lac Reporter seems to think so.

The headline identifies Wisconsin’s Act 10 collective bargaining reforms as the malefactor in “smaller paychecks” and “reduced opportunity” for government workers. County Executive Alan Buechel is quoted saying “Because of property tax freezes, we cannot afford to give raises.”

Cry us a river. It isn’t as if private sector employees are running out of closet space to store the cash showering down from their raises over the past several years.

Government as an employer isn’t going to shut its doors because of what happens to the private sector, but lots of private-sector employers have been shutting their doors because of what government does to them. We’re waiting for the Reporter to pick up on that.


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