Tax Fraud

We don’t believe the carbon dioxide tax introduced in the U.S. Senate last week by Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) and Barbara Boxer (D-California) is going anywhere. It probably has a 50-50 chance of passing the Senate  because Senate Democrats know the House of Representatives won’t take it up—unless majority Republicans want to prove themselves unworthy of the air they breathe.

But it’s not without value as a teaching tool.

Note, first, the increasingly agitated talk of “doing something” to rescue Earth’s climate following a steady trickle of disclosures that global average temperatures have been essentially flat-lining for the better part of two decades, while carbon dioxide emissions continue increasing.

A million arguments can be made on climate issues, but steadily rising CO2 in the atmosphere and no temperature trend in either direction leaves 999,999 arguments few of us need bother about.

So it would appear that while Sens. Sanders and Boxer and the Obama administration are intent on rescuing something, it isn’t the climate. Most likely they just want the money, as their tax would theoretically raise upwards of a trillion dollars over the next ten years.

Our guess is they wouldn’t get that much, even if the tax were adopted in a misguided tradeoff for approval of the Keystone Pipeline. If it happened, such an approval would soon be regulated into a nullity—presumably right after the 2014 midterm elections.

Still, the vengeful repetition of proven failures practically defines left-wing liberalism, so of course they’ll pursue a tax that doesn’t deliver. Paul Driessen offers a picture of what we’d really get from Sanders and Boxer’s disingenuous anti-carbon crusade.


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