Bics and Barf

Sometimes an off-the-wall remark about a seemingly unrelated subject explains things we’ve struggled to understand. Last week brought two examples, from Colorado, where lawmakers have been debating the right of self-defense.

The Liberal mindset was starkly illuminated by advice legislative Democrats and a state university dispensed for women concerned about self-defense against rape.

In summary: Don’t even think about carrying a concealed weapon. Fight back with a ballpoint pen or vomit on your attacker. We’re not making this up.

Assuming you’ve already heard the story, we bring it up again because alongside the obvious outrage, it illustrates both big and small things about Liberal priorities.

The small thing is that between rapists undeterred and self-reliant women fending off violent crime, Liberals clearly judge self-reliant women more alarming. The big thing is the kind of reasoning that invented the Bic and Barf Defense can’t possibly be confined to the ways society confronts rape.  It is the generic Liberal suspicion of anything that enables people to control their own fate.

Liberals hate being ignored and they know criminals ignore laws.  Prescribing better behavior by criminals is a poor way for liberals to demonstrate their relevance, so they find validation in regulating the activities of law-abiding people. In the case of the Bic and Barf, the interests of Liberals align perfectly with the interests of criminals.


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