Industrial-strength fraud

It’s not surprising that the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) is playing up the Obama administration efforts to make voter fraud routine.

Add in the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board’s (GAB) indifference toward ballot security and resistance to reform, and it’s clear we’re up against a tag team of government agencies contriving ways to nullify our votes.

This past week the DLCC touted recommendations including expansion of early voting, online voter registration, Election Day voter registration at the polls and restricting the practice of purging dead people and ineligible registrants from poll lists.

As you’d expect, nearly every DLCC claim revolves around the slander that ballot integrity is just camouflage for racist voter-suppression. They even cite a study finding polling-place “wait times were disproportionately longer for Democrats and Democratic-leaning demographics by huge margins in 2012.”

That might even be true without in any way indicating voter suppression; what we do know about the “study” is that the DLCC doesn’t mention it was commissioned from a Democratic polling firm by the AFL-CIO.

What we also know is that this is the opening salvo in a ferocious barrage of lies designed to render the right to vote meaningless—all in the name of the right to vote.  Meanwhile the GAB helpfully insists Wisconsin can’t afford the cost of ending same-day registration, and fresh examples of the fraud that never happens turn up week after week.


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