Attention: “Party of Compassion”

Supporters of the iron-mining legislation Governor Walker signed into law haven’t made unrealistic claims about a mine and thousands of jobs popping up overnight. In the best of circumstances these things take time, and should.

That’s no excuse for opponents of the legislation pulling every trick they can think of to stall the job creation for as long as they possibly can.

But that’s exactly what the opponents—legislative Democrats and left-wing activists—are doing and they’ve made no secret of their intentions. First out of the gate was Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha), pulling an Obama, as it were, by pledging that the maximum pain would be inflicted on taxpayers if he didn’t get his way.

Then there’s the Associated Press story that, attitude aside, gets things pretty right. But wait ‘til you see the final three paragraphs, where the rancid hypocrisy of the Lake Superior Chippewa tribal leadership is on full display.   The tribe is threatening to use its authority to prevent the mine from obtaining a permit based on allegations that the mine will pollute the water.

As we mentioned last week, tribal government, one of the state’s worst water polluters, now wants to permanently fill wetlands, doing nothing in return except promising not to ruin other wetlands. By contrast, no mine could fill a wetland without creating 150 percent more wetland acreage for mitigation.

Environmental protections aren’t weakened by the new mining law. What’s changed is that now there’s a 480-day timeline to issue or deny a mining permit. The prior absence of timelines played into the Left’s tactic of killing projects with endless delay.

This week’s modest improvement means Democrats will delay job creation somewhat less endlessly, but they’ll still try. The unemployed workers for whom Democrats constantly profess compassion should take note of who is doing things for them, and who is doing things to them.


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