Holy Schultz

Too often, the words “Dale Schultz” and “Democrat” can be found occupying the same sentence.  People who saw the State Senate’s mining debate last week witnessed Schultz embracing the Democrats’ rhetoric and casting aspersions on the caucus he actually led during the 2003 and 2005 sessions.

Perhaps being out of leadership fuels enthusiasm for seeking the favor of political opponents by maligning one’s own party.  There is a long-established strain of Republicanism that craves the approval of upper-class leftists, and Schultz has demonstrated unseemly vigor as he plays this idiotic game.

It’s idiotic because Democrats never hesitate to engineer the demise of a GOP officeholder whether he panders to them or not; and because it can be dangerous posing as the only Republican with a conscience when a real one might suddenly appear.

The GOP faithful in his district are growing weary of a Schultz‘s morality play portraying him as better than the people he represents.  Schultz could find himself facing one of these good people in a primary next year.


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2 Responses to Holy Schultz

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  2. Samantha Jones says:

    Very VERY sick of your slam ad regarding Ed Fallone. When are politicians and politically motivated groups going to learn that these types of ad do more harm than good. So very sick of hearing it for what seems like 25 times a day that I would never support a group like yours even if I agreed with your cause just because you are running this ad. Please pass this on to your advertising committee and ask them to re-think what they are doing!

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