Blue fist Fallone

Chances are we don’t need to sound another warning about next Tuesday’s elections, but when the stakes are high, it’s prudent to do everything you need to do, and a little more.

So take no chances on an ambush in Tuesday’s state Supreme Court election. Aside from conservative talk radio, it’s been the usual low-profile affair. As far as we can tell, the so-called mainstream media think Justice Pat Roggensack weakens her case for re-election by declining to trash fellow members of the court, and that’s about it.

Meanwhile, the foaming-at-the-mouth Left is quietly mobilizing its considerable forces on behalf of Roggensack’s opponent, law professor Ed Fallone.

If ever there was any hint of uncertainty as to why Fallone wants to be on the court, it was erased last week by a postcard from the Wisconsin AFL-CIO showing a smiling Ed Fallone and a big, blue fist. Fallone is running for precisely the reason that should automatically disqualify any judicial candidate anywhere: He’s committed to prejudge cases and invent reasons for the result he wants, in this instance, to overturn Governor Walker’s collective bargaining reforms.

Joanne Kloppenburg ran on that basis in 2011 and gave the rule of law a brush with death. Fallone is Kloppenburg 2.0.

Tuesday’s Supreme Court balloting is just one more battle in the Left’s eternal war against the lawful actions of the governor and legislature Wisconsin voters decisively elected in 2010. The Left will never, ever, stop trying to undo those actions and the rest of us can never afford to stop defending them.

In any competitive environment, doing things you might be tempted to neglect is what separates consistent winners from those who occasionally win by coincidence. Vote on Tuesday. Don’t leave the rule of law in Wisconsin to coincidence.


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One Response to Blue fist Fallone

  1. James says:

    Not surprising comments here. I am a moderate that sit about in the center if you will. I think your characterizations are very misleading. Roggensack trouble me most by number one, her belief that a person or corporation with a PENDING CASE should be able to give monetary contributions to a sitting justice. Is that not bribery? Also her extreme bias towards corporations over citizens is troubling. I dont think that is what Abe had in mind way back when.

    Also, Fallone has an excellent academic record of teaching a balanced approach to science of law.

    It would be nice if you actually gave a balanced opinion of that the majority of conservatives could relate too.

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