The biggest big lie ever

We’ve often said that if you control people’s energy use, you control their lives, period. This insight is not lost on the aspiring totalitarians of the Obama administration, now ratcheting up their global warming propaganda after 16 years of no statistically meaningful rise in  global temperature.

Last Friday, the President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology (PCAST) rolled out nine pages of recommendations that show these “advisers” are ready to say anything to panic people into accepting higher taxes, more government, and less freedom.

They cite “extreme weather events” to justify urgent action, ignoring the array of peer-reviewed studies that find no evidence of warmer temperatures causing more hurricanes or tornadoes, no increase in the severity of drought compared with prior episodes, no temperature increase outside the range of natural variability, nor even any correlation between  increasing CO2 and temperature trends.

They also cite a carbon tax as an “excellent” way to “decarbonize” the U.S. economy, and bigger, longer-lasting subsidies to steer us all toward wind-and-solar nirvana. To see how well that works, check how things are going in England, where they’re struggling with a winter that won’t end.

One unequivocally true PCAST statement is that “the climate is already changing and some further change is inevitable regardless of what is done to reduce its pace and magnitude.” Nothing could more starkly illuminate government’s perversion of science than this:  the recognition of an ever-changing climate and the futility of regulating it, twisted into a rationale for regulating the climate.


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