Free Energy: $210 million

Last week we noted an accelerating propaganda blitz using the increasingly flimsy excuse of global warming to demand new federal taxes and regulations. Climate crisis promoters turning up the volume is proof positive that they see belief in their scam fading fast.

At about the same time, the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute (WPRI) released a study examining one small aspect of the consequences flowing from policies driven by belief in human-induced global warming, in this instance, Wisconsin’s renewable energy mandates.

The analysis concludes that mandatory use of “renewable”—mainly wind-powered generation actually cost Wisconsin consumers $210 million from 2008 through 2010 and raised electricity rates at an accelerating pace.

Being overly generous, WPRI says higher costs might be justified if environmental benefits result. But the report spells out how fossil generation must run on standby at all times, to backstop wind and solar that quit without warning. Adding more wind and solar will make that problem worse.

Wind enthusiasts warn about volatile natural gas prices to divert our attention from the unreliability and environmental destructiveness of their expensive hobby. While it’s almost certainly true that natural gas won’t always be cheap. But it’s equally true that wind will always be worthless.


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