Red States, Blue States

With the whole country in the doldrums because of bad leadership at the national level, sometimes it’s easy to forget that some states are doing better than others, and we never tire of pointing out which states are which, and that Republican-led states doing better is no coincidence.

Last week the Capitol country-clubbers’ newspaper, The Hill, tried to make it seem like Texas Governor Rick Perry is in a jam for rejecting one of Obamacare’s offers of what we like to call “free heroin.” Somehow we doubt that Texas taxpayers will be upset.

By the way, their state anticipates a big budget surplus.

Things are a lot less sunny in California, where the City of Stockton has declared bankruptcy and is hoping to continue its well-established pattern of stiffing other creditors in order to keep paying off public employees and pensioners with the fat benefit packages that are at the root of the current mess.

Statewide, things aren’t much better. At the end of last month, the California State Auditor delivered word that the state has a negative net worth—the word “negative” being one of the bigger understatements we’ve seen in a long time.

The Sacramento Bee has it right even if it does state the case far too gently: If California was a private business it would exist only in memory. And that is a good thing to remember when anyone asks what’s the biggest difference between states led by Republicans and states led or should we say methodically ruined—by Democrats.


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