Global Backtracking

National Review editor Rich Lowry wrote an insightful piece at the beginning of April, discussing something lots of northern hemisphere residents have picked up on intuitively: the lack of any detectable warming trend in the past, oh, 15 years.

We especially liked Lowry’s fifth paragraph from the end. There, recent NASA retiree James Hansen, who built a career asserting that coal-fired power plants cause global warming, speculates that they may also prevent it.

At Canada’s Financial Post, Larry Solomon observes, “The overwhelming consensus on global warming among journalists may be cracking.

Last Tuesday, Reuters News Service, a leading purveyor of alarmism, appeared to be tiptoeing into CYA mode by acknowledging that things aren’t playing out as predicted.

Of course, diners at the trough of taxpayer-funded global warming research are as adept at spotting genuinely worrisome trends as they are at fabricating imaginary ones.

Shaun Marcott of Oregon State University published a paper in Science last month claiming 20th century warming was unprecedented in 11,000 years. Then word got out that Marcott’s 2011 doctoral thesis based on the same data (collected by other researchers,) shows no 20th century warming spike.

Under scrutiny, Marcott admitted the spike materialized after he altered the time horizons for some of the data from those estimated by the people who gathered the data in the first place. He conceded his reconstruction of 20th century warming—the only new thing in his Science paper—was meaningless.

The fun has started.


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