The Difference It makes, II

Some days a community organizer just can’t get a break. On Sunday, for instance, our beloved president delivered a commencement address at Ohio State and told the graduates to “reject these voices” of people who warn against unbridled government power. You know: the kind of thing the founders thought we needed a constitution to prevent.

But His Majesty was having a run of bad luck. On the same day, story after story came out, detailing how the government-we-need-never-fear swept into action the minute the American consulate in Benghazi came under assault last September 11, not to rescue anyone or get help to the Americans who wound up being murdered, but to deceive the nation about what had happened.

We can remember when, for all its warts, the government of the United States was not actively conspiring on a daily basis against the interests of its citizens, in order to gather unlimited power unto itself and beat down anyone who might expose its lies.

Things are different now. The abuses of power revealed over the past few days sound like precisely the sort of things the president told the Ohio State grads they needn’t bother worrying about. By now, no one should be surprised.

And as for the former secretary of state now angling to become the next White House tenant, she asked a while back, “What difference does it make?” in relation to who was responsible for the Benghazi murders.

Now she’s getting the answer she deserved.


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