The Medicaid Blues

Bad news this week for the subsidy-grubbing knuckleheads who make political strategy for Wisconsin’s health care establishment: A long-term, large group study from Oregon shows Medicaid enrollees driving higher health care spending than uninsured people obtaining care at emergency rooms, while overall health outcomes are no better for Medicaid enrollees than for the uninsured.

This explodes any pretense that the lobbying campaign we criticized here last week aims at a new golden age of health care for Wisconsin residents. You’ll recall that virtually every high-profile health care provider in Wisconsin had signed on, hoping to steamroll Governor Walker’s principled objection to expanding Medicaid under Obamacare.

We can’t say this too many times: Every detail of Obamacare is a trap to snare the unwary, the naïve, and those whose lust for a quick payoff blinds them to the unsustainable burdens they’ll be forced to carry once they swallow the bait of temporary subsidies.

Volunteering additional evidence, the Hustler-in-Chief told a news conference last week that yes, there will be “glitches and bumps” along the way to setting his masterpiece in motion—this from the man who at the same event characterized the slaughter of Syrians by their own government as “a blemish on the international community.” His sense of proportion thus demonstrated, you may safely assume the “train wreck” analogy other Democrats have applied to Obamacare is on the money.

And as always when supposedly free government money is on offer, supposedly intelligent people will be pushing and shoving to board a train that’s already going over a cliff

It was reasonable seven days ago to suspect the Wisconsin lobbying effort had lots to do with grasping for subsidies and little to do with health care. It’s now reasonable to conclude that last week’s assessment was needlessly generous.


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