A Coordinated Assault on Speech

Democrats have been largely reticent to explain the Obama Internal Revenue Service spending three years contriving to frustrate organized activity by conservative-leaning groups. That it’s happened, and in a big way, is undisputed, even as the regime’s defenders keep trying to sell the idea that it just sort of happened for reasons no one can possibly imagine.

Of the few explanations that have been floated, perhaps the most bizarre—no surprise here—comes from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Last week she served up the notion that the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Citizens United caused a kind of chain reaction in which right-wing organizations sprang up like mushrooms after a spring rain, causing the IRS, in turn, to run amok.

And unashamed, Pelosi hauled a major leftist agenda item into the picture.

To refresh memories, Citizens United is the decision in which the Court ruled that corporations—and unions—have a First Amendment right to express themselves politically. Naturally, the Left is enthusiastic about the union part but appalled by that corporate thing. A source of irritation that prompted our Beloved Leader to trash the Court and lie about its decision in the faces of the Justices during his 2010 State of the Union address.

All of this, while offensive and legitimately frightening to fair-minded individuals of whatever political persuasion, is also entirely logical in the context of the current administration. Nearby, we mentioned the news getting out last week of the IRS requiring an Iowa group applying for nonprofit status to share with the agency the content of its member’ prayers.

That simply begs the question: Why on Earth would anyone expect any part of the First Amendment to remain safe when a president says he’d amend the constitution to restrict political speech?


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