Bureaucrats Gone Wild?

Do you know any career federal bureaucrats?  If so, do you find they are inclined toward bold, impulsive actions, heedless of consequence?

Put it another way:  Do you think a government that still maintains a national helium reserve so Navy dirigibles will be able to fight submarines is full of underlings carelessly committing criminal abuse of people’s tax information without making sure there won’t be any trouble from upstairs?

Along those same lines, we decline to apply the word “idiotic” to claims that IRS employees had no partisan purpose in harassing conservative organizations. That would be a slander against idiots.

Last week we suggested that the IRS’ disclosure of its own scandal—deciding out of thin air that a Bar Association Q&A session was the perfect occasion for casually copping to multiple felonies—might have been calculated to distract attention from something else; the Benghazi murders, for instance.

We were half joking, and also half right. The IRS disclosure was evidently calculated to draw attention away from—ITSELF!

The more that’s known, the more sinister the picture grows.  Friday brought the disclosure that an Iowa group applying for nonprofit status received an IRS demand to know the content of its members’ prayers.

The pattern revealing itself a little more each day can hardly come as a surprise.  A few years ago, we dissented from conservative friends who labeled Obama’s economic policies “socialism.” We argued that the administration’s modus operandi –coercing private businesses to become active agents of the Obama agenda—much more closely resembled fascism.

The resemblance, which is to say the methods, can now be seen to have spread far beyond economics and deep into the bureaucracy.


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