Different Tunes, Same Changes

Over the decades, American popular music has provided numerous examples of different lyrics and tunes built on identical sets of chord changes.  That’s worth remembering amid speculation over which Obama scandal might be most damaging to our beloved leader.

If it’s arguable that one scandal may have greater potential to run Barack Obama out of office, it’s equally arguable that none has that potential. And that’s a shame, because every one of them should. Each in its own way reveals an administration abusing its power for one clear and specific purpose: to make the American people shut up, stop asking questions, and quit interfering with the plan to make this a different country.

Not a country following a new and different path to shared aspirations; a country where you’d better do nothing before checking with the political boss.

If the bloody history of the 20th century taught us anything at all, it’s that for the Left to have any chance at long-term dominance, it must first create an environment in which competing opinions are silenced.

That is what spying on the Associated Press—an otherwise fully domesticated Obama lap dog—is all about. That is what the Internal Revenue Service sabotaging the apparatus of grassroots conservatism is all about. That’s what it’s all about when the leading lights of the administration concoct a tall story to disguise their revolting indifference toward the safety of Americans—their own employees—carrying out their policies far from home and surrounded by murderous barbarians.

Administrations of both parties have played dirty against political rivals. It’s unsavory but not generally a threat to basic liberties. This administration is different. This one regards Americans reading their Constitution as Enemy Number One, and the guys building bombs as a pesky annoyance.


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